Our selection of classes are hand picked from the best teachers in the area to meet your specific needs. All classes have a wide range of skill level and we want to keep you safe in the correct classes! Click below on the details section to find what is best for YOUR practice.



Aerial Yoga is a trending modern form of yoga throughout the world. It combines the traditional elements of a yoga practice with the training of an aerialist. The practice utilizes the hammock to assist the practitioner with balancing postures and to deepen flexibility. Aerial Yoga is an experience you don’t want to miss out on! Click the link below for more details on our aerial yoga classes.

All aerial classes have gymnastics mats underneath each fabric to keep you safe.



Our studio offers a variety of yoga classes that include: Hatha Yoga Flow and Yoga for Beginners. Each type of yoga class also has many opportunities for your specific needs and level. In these classes we will focus more on breathing techniques and resortative postures that can help translate from your asana practice into daily life. Click below to read more details on the different styles of yoga and see what serves you best.



Learn how to stretch actively and passively in a safe and controlled environment. You will be walked through different exercises and stretches to help improve the flexibility in your feet, hips, back, shoulders and wrists. All flexibility levels and abilities are welcome and exercises will be altered for those who need it. This class is great for those of you looking to spice up your aerials or yoga with the more flexible moves. The class is taught by Dr. Carlie Huberman a life long aerialist and a local physical therapist who specializes in performing artists.


sling level classes for tWEENS, TEENS, and adults

Aerial Sling classes are a fun and challenging workout! The aerial sling is the same apparatus that is used in Aerial Yoga classes but bring the sling into a completely new light! Aerial Sling classes takes silks postures into the sling while explore different shapes and flowy sequences. So if you are looking to challenge your aerial yoga practice then sling may be for you!

All aerial classes have gymnastics mats underneath each fabric to keep you safe.



Aerial Dance weaves elements of yoga, dance, and aerial altogether into one. These classes are a 5 week long series where the students learn a routine with their sling and then performs on the last day of the series. These series are designed for specific age groups and specific levels for Tweens: 8-12, and Teen/Adults: 13 and up based upon teacher approval. Students MUST have prior aerial experience before joining this program. This series weaves in elements of yoga, dance, and aerial. This series teaches compassion to self and others while building confidence and learning more body awareness. Our dance series are a great way to work on team building skills! These series are a first come, first serve basis. By committing to this series, you or your child will by agreeing to commit to this hour class each week, for five weeks. This series is paid in full on or before our start date. There will be no make-up class for students that miss a class unless they book a separate private session with the instructor. This is a series class between each age groups, so inquire with our studio for more details on our aerial dance series!

All aerial classes have gymnastics mats underneath each fabric to keep you safe.